Barcelona, Spain


I'm Gerard

I'm an engineer, UX lover, and growth-oriented with a passion for consumer apps.

As the co-founder of Invite, a social app that connects Gen Z groups of friends, I have led product and growth initiatives, delivering outstanding results.

With expertise in data analysis, UX/UI design, and coding with React Native, I have achieved significant milestones, such as acquiring over 100k users and consistently ranking #4 on Apple's Lifestyle Apps.
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A little about me

Thanks for stopping by. I am a creative and analytical entrepreneur with strong design and technical skills. Right now I am the 1st Product Manager of Hevy a social workout tracker and planner gym app that currently has more than 2 million users.

Over the past few years, I have built a solid understanding of consumer products while launching my own social app company called Invite. I have a deep passion for comprehending user behavior and creating outstanding UX.

Previously, I pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Vehicle Engineering. After the first year, I enrolled in a high-performance double degree program, combining my studies with a Bachelor's in Business Management and Administration. However, my enthusiasm for digital products directed me towards the digital space, where I am ready to create products for millions of people.

September 2023 - Present  

Product Manager - Hevy

● Acquired more than 2 million users worldwide. (#1 Apple Store).

● Conducted user interviews, gathered requirements, and performed user research to define and shape the product roadmap.

● Led the launch of Hevy Coach a SaaS platform for personal trainers and coaches.

September 2021 - September 2023

Cofounder & CEO - Invite App

● Led the development and successful launch of a dating app for gen Z groups of friends in the Spanish market.

● Acquired more than 100,000 users with a cost of acquisition of $0.03 per user. (#4 Apple Lifestyle Apps).
● Designed and implemented the UX/UI of the mobile app using Figma and JavaScript React Native.

● Developed and executed an effective marketing strategy, resulting in more than 10 million impacts across various platforms.

September 2017 - June 2022

BSc in Aerospace Engineering & BSc in Business Management

● Selected to participate in the High Performance Academic Double Degree Program UPC - UOC.

● Served as a Driverless Engineer in Formula Student with UPC ecoRacing, where I designed the Emergency Brake System.

● Developed my final thesis project at an Advanced Air Mobility Startup, focusing on the "Study of the control and stability system of a STOL light aircraft."

● Worked as a Quality Engineer intern at GTD Systems & Software Engineering for one year.